Alex Deffaix

"everything has beauty but not everyone sees it" (Confucius)

I was young. I was modest. I was complexed by this body which did not correspond to what we see every day on our screens, in our magazines. So I took a picture of myself. I took a picture of myself naked. I took a picture of me: a normal man. I loved this photo. I shared it. I realized that other people liked it too. I thought about it. Then I decided to pose for photographers.

I am an average amateur model. I offer my body for underwear and artistic nude photography. I do not expect any reward except the shared love for art. I show here some of the work of photographers with whom I had the honor of working and who share my point of view.

I am open to proposals from photographers and drawers.

NOTICE : All photos posted on my accounts are protected by the law with no exception and without any licence required. You are not authorised to use these photos without express permission. Your access to my accounts (even for free) does not allow you to disseminate, distribute or copy these photos. For any violation, the photographer and/or myself, reserve the right to sue you before the suitable court no matter the country you are located.

homepage photo credit: Michel Das
last update: 05/22/2023

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